Jetpump Prop

Your prop produces thrust to move your jetski.

It wears and requires maintenance in order to provide maximum efficiencies and performance.

We offer prop rebuilds and upgrades, we recommend upgrading to a Solars racing prop. Solars is the worlds leader in Jetski prop, they offers a prop for every jetski. 

Jetpump Liner

Your Jet pump liner also requires maintenance or replacement,

Sea-Doo come standard with a plastic Liner / Wear ring. These can easily be replaced or upgraded to stainless steel.

Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha come standard with stainless steel liners which are more durable but also can still be effected by corrosion.

If your jet pump liner is corroded it replacement or a more cost requires precise engineer machine work is the expert in fine tuning your Jetpump. Don't waste the potential efficiencies and performance available.

   WE INSTALL  New or rebuild Props

    ENGINEERED prop and liner matching