Jetski Flare Kit and V-Sheet Combo


Australian made RFD inshore flare kit and a V-sheet included in this combo.

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QLD Rule: You must carry current V-sheet and inshore flare kit in all waters other than smooth within 0.5nm from land and in an approved aquatic event.

Leave shore safe knowing that you have the most reliable pyrotechnic distress signals onboard. The RFD Inshore Flare Pack contains 2 Red Hand Flares and 2 Comet Orange Hand Smoke Torches; specifically packed for inshore use up to 5km from land. This range of COMET pyrotechnics is used by mariners around the world. Plus, it’s SOLAS approved and manufactured to ISO 9001 standard. So you’re assured that you have a trusted set of flares when you need it.

Combo Kit includes.

1 x V-sheet

1 x Inshore Flares pack.


RFD Inshore Flare Pack Features:

Comet Pinpoint Red Hand Flare (SOLAS approved) x 2

– For short range signalling

– Simple pull-cord firing mechanism

– Burning time: 60 seconds at minimum 15,000 candelas

Comet Orange Hand Smoke Torch x 2

– For powerboats, yachts, dinghies, windsurfers, and personal watercraft

– Produces thick orange smoke for daylight distress signalling

– Simple pull-cord firing mechanism

– Burn time: 60 seconds


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