Hamilton Island 2016

Hamilton 2016


Each year, the JetskiShop.com Breakfast Club and Adventure Rides hosts the ultimate jet ski adventure to the Whitsundays, staying at Hamilton Island for five days.

Jetskishop.com owner and event organizer, James Tod, says, “With dates booked months in advance, it’s always a challenge as the weather is never guaranteed to be on our side. We used 10 years of weather data to determine the best week for calm winds and great weather. While it was still a lot of luck, the weather this year was absolutely magic.” With a group of enthusiasts riding a range of high-powered and well-maintained skis, the week without rain and calm winds of around 10 knots was the jackpot.


This year’s group comprised 10 skis and 15 people, with several participants being new riders. The others were experienced riders wanting to learn more about the area. Tom explains, “The day after arriving, we rode the skis along the western side of Whitsunday Island. Two of the skis carried our supplies in eskies, so we found a picturesque spot for lunch before setting off on our afternoon ride to Daydream Island.”


The following day was the long awaited big-ride day through Hook Passage and to Hayman Island. “From Hayman, we beached the skis at Langford Island to check out the Langford-Bird Reef. Our group headed to the very beautiful Butterfly Bay, at the northern tip of Hook Island, for lunch and snorkeling over the corals.” The riders then headed east, down the coast of Whitsunday Island for a stop at Whitehaven Beach, with some of the riders becoming surrounded by whales on their migration north. The day trip was 120km, and up to 140km for some riders who decided on several quick side trips.


With years of leading guided tours, Tom was able to simultaneously navigate and ensure the safety of all riders, all the while he was operating his quadcopter camera drone, which was used to capture many everlasting treasured photos and video footages of the group.


Beyond the annual Whitsunday adventure, the Jetskishop.com Breakfast Club and Adventure Rides has conducted guided riders around Moreton Bay, including visits to Bribie Island, Clarence River, Fraser Passage, The Narrows, Tweed River, and local dams.


For more information connect at www.jetskishop.com.

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