New Custom Race Jetski #155- Ready to Race! Builds another competitive custom creation ready to Enter the Queensland racing series.

A New Kawasaki Ultra 310R tuned and tweaked for Simon Martin (our very own finance manager.)


Custom Setup falls into the beginner stock class.

Performance Extras Include:

 Custom Pitch Solars Racing impeller – re pitched to suit the custom flashed ECU.
 Custom bore nozzle adjustment.
 Re flashed ECU- tunned to produce more than 37HP more.
 Riva Racing Sponsons to increase high speed stability
 Riva Racing Ride plate. More top end speed with less hull drag and more stability at high speed.
 Riva Racing adjustable intake grate. improves hook up in rough water, acceleration, turning, high speed stability.
 Blowsion Handle bars.
 ODI Grips.

Cosmetic Extras Include: themed graphic kit. Custom gripper seat. added grip and added red racing lines. (red goes faster)
 Hydro turf colour match 2 tone mat kit.
 Hydro turf foot lifter- extra grip for the rider.
 Black Diamond Powder coated Handle bars, ride plate and Steering Nozzle.
This watercraft has been tunned on water using the latest software upgrades, Its got the ultimate in brands for bolts on extras, and been put together by’s experienced jetski technicians.
Our New workshop is equipped with the best tools and gear required to support all customer needs, and is the best in the world.
Now the new #155 race ski is boosting and performing with more than 347HP.
You can have your jetski customized and tuned by the team at too. Call us today or visit our showroom to see for your self.

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